Toby Knapp – The Campaign (in English)

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I have had the great opportunity, (thank you Mike McDowell of SHREDGUY RECORDS) and even greater pleasure of listening/reviewing this amazing album. The skills of this guitar-magician are no less than absolutely outstanding! I was in every sense totally blown away from the first track to the last one, and it just kept surprising me.

The diversity of the songs on this album is another plus and it doesn't throw me off at all by serving all kinds of metal in one album , thrash, black, death, you name it, it's there and it's fkn awesome.

Oh, and did I mention it is badass, kickass and then some? Well maybe not in those exact words, but I believe that I come across with my enthusiasm about this album. Right!?

It is a very unique type of album, at least it is to me, I haven't heard something like this before. Not with such a multi- talented musician, featured by with really great guest-vocalists, each doing a damn good job, each representing one genre/sub genre of metal - and I have to say that a guitarist like Knapp, his passion, and his obvious talent, as a guitarist of course, but also as a composer he has managed to write some epic instrumental tracks, and he is a shredder, yes, but there are some lovely melodic passages. where the speed isn't required, but he can play it all with such technical superiority, it's mind blowing and it simply amazes me. I have difficulties though, about chosing some favorite tracks of this album, but I'll do it anyway.."We Are Legions" is a fave, it's technical and extreme-like metal, but as I said, each and every track is worth a 'fave-status'

A great album where we as listeners, is being given the gift of a technical skilled musical prodigy, a passionate and diverse album.

The Campaign is released on Shredguy Records.

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