14. juli 2009

Interview with Ryan Roxie

Calle: What got you into music in the first place?


Roxie: Well...being that I decided that music was what I wanted to “do” in life at the early age of 7...you can't say that it was the 'ol  “Sex, drugs, and Rock n Roll” mantra.... BUT, a lot of the Poster Idols I had hanging on my walls in my youth seemed to be having a pretty good time not seemingly doing so much...so obviously, that seemed like a pretty easy career path for a kid at that age...


Calle: Who are your biggest influences?


Roxie: I like more of the “underground/underdog” guitar heroes and rock stars to be honest...Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick, Steven Stevens of the Billy Idol band, Johnny Thunders of the N.Y. Dolls, and Neil Geraldo of the Pat Benatar band are just a few...


Calle: Name 3 “older” bands and 3 “newer” bands you can recommend?


Roxie: Refer to the last question...and google ANY of those names and bands...you won't be sorry.


Calle: When you where twelve years old you switched from drums to guitar. Why?


Roxie: Here it is in a nutshell.... which us guys in bands rarely talk about:


Drummer’s life:  First to come, Last to leave, plus they have to sit in the back of the stage/van/photo shoot etc. Because it takes the most time to set up and break down their equipment, drummers usually have last chance to talk with ANY girls after the show. At the end of the day, even with HUGE success...no one will ever ask a drummer to come and play some songs at their campfire.


Guitarist’s life: Everything that is stated above, but opposite.


             Candy                                                Electric Angels
Calle: In the mid 80’s you played in Candy, which later turned into Electric Angles. What’s your best experience from that time?


Roxie: Those bands turned me from boy to man...from novice to veteran.... from virgin to complete slut...metaphorically speaking of course!


Calle: Electric Angels only released one record “Electric Angels”, but you were working on a second album when the band got dropped. Is there any chance that those songs will be released?


Roxie: Can we just re-phrase that question...and say that the band got “released” and someday we will “drop” the songs onto the public....


To be honest, they are already out there on some “bootleg” Electric Angel fan sites...I don't know...perhaps we should talk to our old bass player, Jonathan, who is now one of the worlds biggest band managers, god bless him. If anyone can find a way to turn a profit from those good 'ol E.A. Days, I'm sure he can.


Calle: After that you played guitar on some Gilby Clarke albums. I guess you remained friends after he left Candy?


Roxie: We've all remained friends.....we sort of all “grew up” together, so I think once you have spent anytime over 18 months straight in a van together, you will either become life long friends or life long enemies....and I've even continued to maintain my Love/Hate relationship with our old Electric Angel singer Shane long past the point of burying the hatchet...ahhh...good times.


Calle: You also co-wrote and played on Slash’s Snakepit second album “Ain’t Life Grand”. How did you get that job? 


Roxie: It's my belief that there is something to be gained from every experience that is put in front of you.... and that you can “spin” your situation up, down, or just sideways if you take advantage of each opportunity. I met up with Slash because he would sometimes come up and guest appearance with Alice Cooper when we were touring. I found that he would eventually “stumble” (literally stumble!) over to my side of the stage when we would jam together. We seemed to play well off each other, so basically from Alice, came Slash...essentially killing 2 Birds with 1 Stones riff...!


Dad's Porno Mag
Calle: Then you formed Dad’s Porno Mag. How was it to be part of a band again instead of a hired guitarist?


Roxie: To be honest, I've always had my “own” band all through the days of Electric Angels, Slash, and Alice...whether it was The Unbelievable Truth, Dad's Porno Mag, Roxie 77 etc...


It's an entirely different headspace to be the front guy of your own band vs. a guitarist for someone who is already established...


The trick is to take all the experience and good traits that these living legend guys have, and apply the positive aspects to your own band...for instance, the reason I tend to do interviews for many different types of media, like this one, is that I see Alice doing interviews all the time and see that he cares enough about his fans to reach out and give them all he can...I like being the same way.


Alice Cooper band
Calle: Over the next decade you played, wrote and recorded with Alice Cooper. How did you get that job and how was that experience?


Roxie: What can I say about Alice and the Alice Cooper “experience” that I haven't stated a thousand times before.... he’s the best “boss” I ever had.


I am his “karate kid” and he is my “Miyagi”.... corny Ralph Macchio reference...


Alice has shown me “the ropes” of the music industry...and I will always be thankful to him and his loyal fans that have supported me and my other endeavors ever since.


Roxie 77
Calle: On July 7th (7/7) you released your second album “Two Sides To Every Story” with your band Roxie 77. What can people expect from that album?


Roxie: I am SO proud of this one...


The truly unique thing about "Two Sides to Every Story" is that you will actually get to experience TWO versions of each song released simultaneously in both ELECTRIC and ACOUSTIC formats. Same song, but different keys, different approach, and different feelings.... those are the “Two Sides”...genius, I know...has anyone else every done anything like this before? Maybe...but hey, let me live in my ignorant bliss...!


Plus, I love the fact that I can promote a true “concept” record exactly the way I want to promote it.  We will of course implement the patented-pending concepts of "Splitting The Profits" (STP) and the "Conscience Free Download"(CFD). These are the definitions-


Download a hi-quality mp3 of any "songs of the week" from ROXIE 77's newest release "Two Sides to Every Story" absolutely FREE at www.roxie77.bandcamp.com without any guilt, hence, a CONSCIENCE-FREE DOWNLOAD.  Enjoy.... and know that anything you DO give to Roxie 77 will be SPLIT with one of the charities listed below.


It's that simple.... ROXIE 77 will "split the profit" of anything you donate with a charitable organization.... but no worries.....we honestly just want you to experience the music and tell as many people about the C.F.D. and S.T.P. concepts as you can.


Who knows?...if the idea catches on with more artists, perhaps our small contribution of "giving" away music may ultimately end up being more profitable for everyone involved- you....me...them = us.


Calle: What is it with you and the number 77?


Roxie: I love this question...because I always love giving a different answer to people...but I guess the best way to describe my relationship with “77” is to simply Google  “77” and “music”...and all should be clear....or hopefully even MORE shrowded in mystery.


Calle: If you could name one song you wish you had written, which song would that be, and why?


Roxie: It would have to be some sort of “Anthem”, something written with people that had credibility, but still was still instantly recognized by people all over the world......and it wouldn't be bad if it made some $$ so I could spend the rest of my life writing and making the type of music that I love, not just the type that makes money....I'd go for “Revolution” by the Beatles.....besides Lennon/McCartney/Roxie wouldn't look so bad on a credit...no?...he he


Calle: If you could put together your dream band, who would be in it?


Roxie: To be honest...I've got my “dream band” together with this current line up of Roxie 77 which is:


Anton Körberg   Drums,  B. Vocals

Magnus Wikstöm  Bass Guitars, B. Vocals

Eric Rydman Guitars/Piano, B. Vocals


and I get to sing and play guitar....


C'mon...could I get any more politcally correct then that!?


Calle: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


Roxie: Hopefully doing exactly what I'm doing these days.... writing, recording, and releasing the type of music that makes me happy...plus continuing to raise two of the coolest little people I know on the planet.


Calle: What’s the best advice you can give to up-coming bands?


Roxie: The “3 P's”-


PRACTICE- Something that we ALL have to do in order to get to a level and place where playing music is as natural as breathing.


PERSISTENCE- Know that the doors of opportunity will be shut right in your face from time to time...but it's up to you how many times you want to continue to kick that door open...and continue on your journey.


PATIENCE- Just because you know “you” are the greatest thing since sliced bread, it might take a little while for everyone else to realize it...hang in there, and realize...you ARE going to get your shot...just be ready and prepared for it when it does happen...now go out there and DO IT!!!


And now some questions outside your music career:


Calle: What was the first CD/LP you ever purchased?


Roxie: LP....Osmand Brothers- Live


Calle: What was the latest CD you bought?


Roxie: Roxie 77 “Two Sides to Every Story” at www.roxie77.com 


Calle: What do you do when you’re not playing music?


Roxie: Clean house...which is constant when you have a 6 and 4 year old hangin' around...ha!


Calle: What’s your favorite drink?


Roxie: It's a tie:


White Russian or Vodka/Cranberry …... I like to collect different types of Vodka


Calle: Do any of you have another education?


Roxie: My ex says that I'm a “social talent”.... not too sure if that's all positive from her perspective, he he....


Calle: You are from the States. What made you move to Stockholm, Sweden?


Roxie: I moved to Sweden for the same reason anybody else does...the beautiful weather and low taxes.... but seriously.... it’s always about Scandinavias biggest and best export...the females... I moved to Sweden because of a 30 something Swedish girl, now I stay here because of a 4 year old Swedish girl...and her 6 year old brother...!


Calle: If I say Denmark, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?


Roxie: Denmark....”Sleeping my Day Away”...STILL one of the most popular songs that comes on in ANY rock club around Scandinavia.... also, I think of the vintage guitar show in Svendborg


Calle: Do you have any last words for the fans?


Roxie: We formally invite you to participate in the grass roots marketing campaign for the new Roxie 77 album "Two Sides to Every Story". It should be a fun ride.


So what's the next step? Well...you've already done it!....you've read this entire interview  (and in this day in age with the mind of a flea & tick attention span our society promotes, that's impressive!).... Now let's see if you can convince a few of your friends through your own myspace, facebook, blogs and twitter sites to come and vist us at: www.roxie77


At the end of the day, we are just a small humble rock n' roll band from the tiny country of Sweden, but with YOUR help we can become the pompous, arrogant, and bloated rock stars that dwell deep inside each and every one of us!...Ha!....remember, there is always "Two Sides to Every Story"....We choose the “bright side”.....
Enjoy the noise!
The End