Jonas from Saint Rebel February 27th 2012

Calle: Can you give us a short history of the band?
Jonas: We started playing in 2005. We all had the passion for rock music and formed the band with one purpose; To play loud ROCK N’ ROLL!!! We recorded some demoes and our first real EP was released in 2006.  Now 6 years later, we are proud to present our debutalbum “The battle of Sinners and Saints”.
Calle: Why did you change the band name from KoLeN to Saint Rebel ?
Jonas: We simply thought that the name was a bit silly and we were also tired of people pronouncing it wrong. We brainstormed around 100 names and at the end Saint Rebel was created
Calle: Who are Saint Rebel’s biggest influences?
Jonas: We all have the passion for hard rock music, but again 5 different views on the music. Therefore there’s not just 1 band we have the influence from, but several bands as: Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, RATM, Pantera and many more.
Calle: Can you describe your music to people who haven’t heard you before?
Jonas: Our music is loud hard rock music! The music is catchy with great melodies, Heavy guitar riffs and hard hitting drums. We don’t have a curtain style, but we like to call our music Rock N’ Metal!  
Calle: On march 5th. you’ll release your debut album “The Battle Of Sinners And Saints. What can people expect from the album?
Jonas: They can expect 10 super songs. 10 songs which have been selected out of around 20-25 songs when we recorded the album. All the songs will pull you out of your chair and have you running around playing air instruments!!  We aim to set motions to the people listening to our music…
Calle: You worked with Marcus Toft as producer. Why did you choose him?

: We had worked with Marcus on some demo recordings before the actual album, and it just seemed natural to pick him as the producer. He brings out the best in us, and he’s very ambitious, talented and says his opinion every time. We thought that every song we had made was good enough to put on the record, but he simply “fired” 10 songs which we didn’t thought was a good idea at first– but in the end he was right. Again! So a big thanks to Mr. Toft!
Calle: How was the recording process of the album?
Jonas: It was long, but good! We recorded on and off in MoreMax Studios in Vanloese for about 8 months.
Calle: What song or songs on the album do you like the most?
Jonas: We cannot pick out one song, as these 10 all are our little babies… But there is a little something for every listener…
Calle: The album will be released on the Danish label Mighty Music/Target Distribution. Were there any other labels interested in signing you and why did you choose Mighty Music?
Jonas: I don’t want to comment if we rejected other labels so we could sign with Mighty Music! But I can say that Mighty Music was the perfect label for us, as they have also have the passion for our kind of music and believe in us!
Calle: Who did the artwork for the album?
Jonas: We have worked with Intense Studios; Marius Budu and Michel Winckler-Krogh from almost the start. They formed our logo and again it seemed natural to let them produce all the artworks for the album. We are very pleased to be working with these guys. They are the best in the business!!!
Calle: I have heard that you’re a great live band. What can people expect when they go see Saint Rebel live?
Jonas: If people haven’t already heard us live they can expect to be blown away from the start of the show to the end. We always give all we got. If it’s for 20 people or 600… So come ROCK with us in the future!!!
Calle:  Do you have any plans on a Danish or European tour in the near future?
Jonas: It’s all in the process, can’t say anything yet.
Calle: What bands have you shared the stage with or opened for and what bands would you like to play with?
Jonas: We have played along with several bands but we don’t have preferred bands. As long as they play good Rock N’ Roll! Of cause it would be an honor to warm up for a big band! That would be great…
Calle: What’s the most fun/crazy experience you have had during a show?
Jonas: That would have to be when we played 3 days in a row. We started Thursday with a gig at “The Rock”, It was the same day they tarred down Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. There was a riot for at least 3 days and we played all 3 days. I remember the 3rd gig at Loppen, Christiania. We were told just before we got on stage, that there was a huge possibility that the booker would have to interrupt the concert, due to teargas on the street outside Christiania.
Calle: Do you think it’s hard getting people to listen to your music these days when the radio stations hardly play any rock or metal music?  
Jonas: Kind of. But again it's easy to publish your music through all kinds of social media on the internet. But it would be nice if more stations played rock and metal… there’s a crowd for it, that’s for sure!!!
Calle: What things are you planning to do to get the music out there for people to hear it?
Jonas: Like I said before, it's very easy to publish your music through all kinds of social media. And we got our label working for us as well, so it’s just hard work and no easy way outJ you can buy our record in most record shops in Denmark and on the internet in all of EU.
Calle: How would you describe each member of the band in ONLY three words?
Jonas: I can describe the whole band in these three words: Rock ‘N’ Metal!
Calle: Where do you see Saint Rebel in 10 years?
Jonas: Hopefully we are performing on big stages and in front of enormous crowds all over the world! We are planning to be a long-lasting band and not just these “One hit wonders”.
Calle: What’s the best advice you can give to other up-coming bands?
Jonas: Keep rocking! Try to find your own sound and last but not at least; create a BIG network. Networking is an very important thing in the music business.

And now some questions outside Saint Rebel’s music:
Calle: Besides the music, what are your other interests?
Jonas: We're all having our families to take care of. So when we are not playing our loving music, we’ll spend time with our families and friends.
Calle: There seem to be a lot of new rock bands in the Copenhagen and Denmark at the moment. How would you describe the rock scene here?
Jonas: There has always been a lot of great and talented rock music in Copenhagen and in other cities throughout this small country. I personally think that rock scene is very impressing and therefore it's a great honor to be signed by such a great label as Mighty Music.
Calle: Can you name 3 other new rock/metal bands you would recommend people to check out?
Jonas: The Interbeing, Malrun and Bullet Train Blast. All from our own label Mighty Music and Target Records.
Calle: Name one song you wish you had written and why?
Jonas: I would love to have written Guns N' Roses ballad “Don't Cry” from Use Your Illusions II. This is a beautiful ballad and every time I hear it, the hairs on the arms are raising...
Calle: What’s your top 5 CD’s of all time?
Jonas: I would have to say:
  1. Guns N' Roses – Appetite for Destruction
  2. Metallica – Metallica (The black album)
  3. Queen – The Miracle
  4. Stone Sour – Come What(ever) May
  5. Audioslave - Audioslave
Calle: If I say Denmark what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
Jonas: I don't know...:) Girls maybe...:)??? Beers???
Calle: Can you name one thing only Danish people do?
Jonas: Speaks Danish :)
Calle: Do you have any last words for the people out there?
Jonas: Buy our record!!! You won't get disappointed... ROCK N' METAL!!!!
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