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Hour Of Chaos was born from an idea to create melodic death/thrash metal that leans towards rawness rather than polish. The inspiration partly stems from 90s melodic groove metal as well as more contemporary thrash and death metal bands.

The band members have several years of experience in the Danish metal scene, and you might recognize them from bands such as Panzerchrist, The Burning, Diamond Drive, Embittered, Dead Anatomy and Among Phantoms.

During the spring of 2024, they will release an EP called "Death". The EP will be released on April 26th 2024. So far they have released one single called "Tormented Soul".
The band is already in the process of writing songs for their debut album. 
Patrick McCaffrey - Guitars
Rasmus Normand - Guitars
Morten Olesen - Bass
Nikolaj Plum-Jensen - Drums
Andreas Bjerregaard - Vocal

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