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The band were started by Omar Alabed, in 2015, Hobro, Northen Jutland, Denmark.

In the beginning, the band was a concept based band, and songs like: “March/Death For Pride”, “War Memories”, “Blasted Hope” and “Clown” were created as a part of the bands debut concept-album.

Those songs were created by Omar and former Lead-guitarist Klaus Tougård.

In 2017 former members started to wander off from the project and Omar teamed up with Tobias Nørholm for a more focused project.

The band was also named “Tease the Demon” back then, but was under vote for a change. Tobias quickly got a mutual friend, Mads Buur, on the project as vocalist, and the 4 of them started to shape the many ideas the band had created.

From 2018, through 2019, a lot of jams became som real songs and those were intensily practiced. Tobias started taking over the manager role for the band, and started to develop some material for a full lenght CD.

At first they planned on making a demo called “DEMOns” with 3 tracks; “Smash Time”, “Dead Flowers” og “Clown”. The demos were recorded through and old 16 track mixer, with the output going straight to the computer, so the raw feeling of the practice room was present. But this made a lot of bassist try-out and come to the practice room, which eventually lead to the partnership with K.H.K.

With a hope of something bigger, the band contacted Marco Angioni, from ‘Angioni Studios’ (former “Death Island Studios”) and made a deal on a 2 week studio session. But few hours before the band went to the studio, the contact between the Lead Guitarist, Klaus, and the band ended, and they now had an album they had to record, where one of the most important roles just left. The band went to the studio, put down drums and rythm guitars plus a little vocals, when the bass had to start he also had to leave the project. With Marco in charge, he pressed everything we could deliver out, and had a steady foundtation, and a new Leadguitarist, Louis Valesques, were hired to finnish off the missing solos.
During spring 2020 the last leads were created and recorded and masteret in to the album, and the band was ready with their debut album. They needed a title, and with everything that have happened from the begginning to the end, everyone agreed on “A series of Unfortunate Events” was a great name with an album who have had this much trouble beeing made.

Stefan Skjoedt got hired as graphic designer and made the artwork, and the band made a plan for promotion. Shortly after, Mads contacted a person he had atteneded school with, Jérémie Protain who would join on bass. Jérémie were also the first person to book the early line-up for a headlining show were the band “Red Warszawa” warmed up. In the fall of 2020, Tease The Demon went on a mini-tour with the old boys from same band, Red Warszawa.

In the end of the year, 24th of December, the band released “A series of Unfortunate Events” on most streaming services.
Omar Alabed - rhytm guitar
Tobias Nørholm - drums
Mads Buur - vocals
Jérémie Protain - bass
Louis Velasquez - lead guitar

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