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Skinny Knowledge are a brand new, raucous 4-piece rock band from the South of England, founded in late 2019 by lead singer and guitarist, Andy L Smooth.

Following the departure and end of previous bands and endeavours, Andy wrote and recorded his first home demo in early September 2019, and has since gone on to write and record every part of the full length, 14 track, debut Skinny Knowledge LP (set for release on March 5th 2021). Securing in the recent additions of accomplished musicians; Benjamin Parker (guitar), Fenge Davies (bass), and Mapex and Paiste artist, Charlie Kenny (drums), the full band was formed.

Working alongside renowned rock and metal producer, Lewis Johns, at The Ranch Production House, the debut album stands up fittingly along side its major influencers. The band’s sound captures the energy of the raw and raucous, early 90’s grunge and pop-punk scenes, that has been missed in recent years, reminiscing the likes of Foo Fighters, Green Day, Nirvana and Sum 41. With thundering drums, roaring guitars, and powerful vocals, Skinny Knowledge are ready to scream their way to setting a new bar for rock n’ roll.

“About a year and a half ago, I felt like I’d lost my way a little with music. A sense of dismay and despair. I had no intention of giving up, but I was definitely somewhat confused as to what purpose I wanted music to serve in my life. A few months passed, and in September last year, I motivated myself to do something I’d never done before… Write a song. Through all my previous bands, I’d been involved in the creative process, but I’d never tackled it on my own. So I created a little home studio set up, and started recording demos. The songs I was writing reflected that confusion. It ended up being a collection of tales about the chaos of adolescent life.” Andy L Smooth, lead singer.

The band as individual members, have previously released EP’s, albums, toured the UK and internationally, and now as a collective, are ready to revive that fresh, raw, honest sound that’s been absent in modern day music. Real music, real stories, real lives.
Andy L Smooth (vocal/guitar)
Benjamin Parker (guitar)
Fenge Davies (bass)
Charlie Kenny (drums)

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