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Behind the name of this rocking band you’ll find the ex-frontman and songwriter of Powderhog: Johnny Houmark. Houmark has two critically acclaimed Powderhog albums under his belt (“Powderhog” 2007 / “Return Of The Gaucho” 2010) which were both released on Trechoma Records. Both albums paved the way for numerous concerts and festival gigs in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

MTV in the USA were on the verge of airing the band’s videoes and reviewers in all of Europe praised the band for their indisputable grit and energy. The danish tabloid press was very impressed as they wrote: “Finally there’s a danish band playing hard kicking stoner rock with a vocal performance so strong that it could even set fire to a desert”. B.T’s (Danish newspaper) Henning Hoeg went on saying “Powderhog is in the same league as Metallica” and added: “The voice of Johnny Houmark is made of the stuff that rock history is build upon”.

Now Houmark is back with new musical friends in his four man rock combo called South Of Sundays and the band is ready to write a new chapter in the book of danish rock music. Aiming for both Denmark and the rest of the world, South Of Sundays bring new bite and raw rock power to the scene: Their newly recorded debut album is being mixed an mastered as we speak by the mighty Jacob Hansen who has produced albums for the likes of Volbeat, Katatonia, Arch Enemy amongst others.
Johnny Houmark – Vocals / Bass
Morten Mohr – Guitars
Marcus Thue Honoré – Guitars
Kristian “Krenne” Pedersen – Drums

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