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Go For Gold - Canned Goods Never Say Die (EP)

Reviwed by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 19-10-2018
The Indierock group Go for Gold from Copenhagen, Denmark has made a very good ep; Canned Goods with six nice tracks.

I feel like jumping back to the early 90's and could easily imagine that they could make the soundtrack for a David Lynch movie, meaning that the surface is beautiful, innocent and very nice, but just below the surface, the wildness and the gloom are lurking and peek through every now and then .... just like Bob in Twin Peaks. I can also hear a little Brother Daniel (Sweden) and Kent (Sweden) in the sound and style.

The production itself is very nice and has a perfect balance and use of reverb that gives the innocent 90's feeling.

Go for Gold is: Kristian Rasmussen (song / guitar), Mads Nyboe (guitar / keys), Kenneth Skovhus (bass) and Andreas Brixen (drums). Producer: Kenneth Skovhus

They have really hit the style and the sound of the 90’s spot spot on. It's a shame that there are only 6 tracks, when you want to hear much more when the album ends.

If you like the indie rock genre, this ep is a must-have in my opinion.

Go For Gold was released on August 31st via Guldminen.
    (5½ ud af 6)
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Crocell - Relics
Reviwed by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 04-09-2018
Crocell from Aarhus, Denmark, has really nailed it with their 5. album, Relics. They are playing Melodic Death Metal and among the worlds top (in my opinion) in the genre.

You can experience great guitar riffs and drums / bass there are pumping like a machine gun. The vocal may be a bit too low in the mix, but it is minor thing.

It's hard to find a favorite number as all numbers are pretty cool. The start of "World at its end" is with acoustic guitar and goes into a very beautiful melodic downtempo intrumental tune, which also finishes the album. The guitar sound itself is full rich and delicious and is well placed in the mix.

It is a very successful production and I would definitely recommend this album. Crocell really hits their name with 7 "nails with this album, Relics. and I expect to hear more about them on the international stage in the future.

Crocell consisting of Asbjørn Steffensen: song, Tommy Christensen: guitars, Rasmus Hexen Henriksen: guitars, Onkel K. Jensen: bass and Andreas Posselt: drums.
Relics was released in March 2018.
     (6 ud af 6)
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Cabal - Mark Of Rot
Review by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 23-01-2018
Black Death in delicious wrapping - It must be the short version. Cabal has, with their new album Mark Of Rot, proved that Denmark can still make the game in Brutal Black Death Metal.
Knife-sharp production gives the listener a great enjoyment. I was not just in the mood for Death when I put Cabal on, but only few microseconds went by before I was game.
Manson meets Blodarv I thought of some of the numbers and then again not. It's ambient, it's has it all. I sit and watch the northern lights, the dark and icebergs and it all goes up to a higher level with the music.
I would like to send extra big Horns Up for the great production. There is not a single number you want to miss or will skip. All the numbers are equaly listenable. Cabal is a band I would like to experience live.
Mark Of Rot is released on February 23rd on Long Branch Records.
     (6 ud af 6)
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Damnations Day - A World Awakens

Review by Peter Letting: 29-03-2017
Australian melodic heavy metal band Damnations Day (DD), released a new album 24 march 2017. The title of the album is A World Awakens.

I had the pleasure of reviewing their first album “Invisible, The Dead”, back in 2013 and I was blown away. It has been one of my favorite albums ever since. I also had the chance to see DD live, when they visited Denmark as a special guest with Accept. What a show, what a memory. I sincerely hope I get another chance at a live performance from Damnations Day.

But now back to the newest release from Down Under. The album opens with “The Witness”, which has already got a music video, that has been shown on social media for a while now. I’m really excited of the sound and the diversity in the tune, and it just continues throughout the entire album. The more I hear it, the more I like it.

DD has implemented that perfect balance of soft and hard, progressive and “easy listening”. I find the progressive metal style very interesting but sometimes it just varies TOO much, and the connections in my brain kind of brakes, and just gets overloaded. But when the tunes are also very well written, and perfectly adjusted with a chorus that is memorable, and a melody so well played on the guitar, that it doesn’t drown in shredding, then everything adds up and you’re just happy.

Damnations Day are: Mark Kennedy - vocals and guitar, Dean Kennedy – Drums and Jon King – guitar

I like both the strong fast tracks and the more soft parts, but my heart still beats a bit more for the bits where the speed and the heat is up, and the energy is let loose. I guess that’s why my favorite track is “The Idol Counterfeit”.

But all in all, I just really enjoy all of it. The tight and hard hitting drums, with all of the variation and change in beat, the fine and very beautiful guitar play, and not the least the fantastic vocal of Mark. He always amazes me, especially when he goes to the high notes, I’m sold… This all combined with a world class production and sublime song writing. What’s not to like….

Well done guys. I really hope that the world sees your potential, and gives you the success that you deserve..It’s a 6 out of 6 from me
A World Awakens was released on March 24th on Sensory Records.
     (6 ud af 6)
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End My Sorrow - Of Ghostly Echoes
Review by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 24-11-2016
End My Sorrow from Grenaa (Denmark) has made a very nice debut cd; Of Ghostly Echoes where they're played METAL in different genres, but who cares as long as it sounds great and gives one the desire to play air guitar, air drums and head banging, and it sure does give you that desire.

There are many rhythm shifts arranged nicely. I have become more and more in love with this album as I've listened to it over and over again. I think that the starting number "Wither Away" gives one a good taste of the rest of the album, melodic goth death .... ish.

The production itself is nice and clear with a very fine ballance between the various instruments and vocals. There are both up-tempo and down-tempo numbers and a ballad - a VERY cozy and beautifully number - and you're not bored at any time listening to the album.

Next time End My Sorrow makes a CD, I want some more numbers of Christians growl ... not because I don't want to hear Anne-Mette's song, for it is very nice, and fits well into the mixed METAL-style the band has, but because I do not think that 11 numbers are enough :)

Christian H. B. Jensen plays guitar and growls, Snade plays guitar, Jens Kruse Andersen plays bass, Jesper Skousen on drums and Anne-Mette Nielsen sings.

There is a very fine balance between all the members playing/singing. I would really like to highlight Jesper on the drums, who is working overtime, but again .... no one is below the other on this, almost masterpiece of an album. If you enjoy METAL you should purchase this album in my opinion.
Of Ghostly Echoes will be released on November 25th on Art Gates Records.
     (6 ud af 6)
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Mök – Kamikaze Slug (EP)
Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 30-10-2016

Mök’s latest Kamikaze Slug EP is a short but powerful ride through a raw black metal and hardcore punk sound. However, like with many metal genres, you will either enjoy this 4 song EP from beginning to end or give it a pass entirely.

Liking it or not, there is one thing Kamikaze Slug has that can’t be denied: energy. The three new tracks, plus the reissued “Necroerotic Asphyxiation”, have a rough punk sound and DIY mixing that are hard to find, but that also lack diversity. In a 17 minute long EP, having difficulty distinguishing one song from another is an unfortunate problem to have.

Nevertheless, Mök’s Kamikaze Slug EP’s strength is in its unfound sound and rawness through and through. Take my word and give it a listen to find out if it’s for you or not.
Kamikaze Slug EP was released on October 7th.
  (3 ud af 6)
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Black Absinthe - Early Signs Of Denial
Review by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 16-05-2016

Black Absinthe from Toronto, Canada kicks ass on their ablum Early Signs of Denial.
With good Heavy Rock / Heavy Metal pulls Jack Cerre - Guitar / Vocal, Kyle Scarlett - Bass and Austin Henderson - Drums one around in living rooms, out on the streets and backyards by the pubic hair and let go only when you head banging and playing air guitar to the bleeding out of your eyes floats ...... or to put it another way. Black Absinthe gives it full throttle on their new album.
There are tastes of Black Label Society and Cult energy and intensity and style of playing, and Mastodon is also located on the tongue. 6 numbers in bold sound and energy. From the first time I put the CD on, I have been very excited about the real rough play joy and energy that caresses the soul .....
Early Signs Of Denial was released on May 13th as Self-release/Asher Media.
    (5½ ud af 6)
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Dissector - Planetary Cancer
Review by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 09-05-2016
Dissector from Saint Petersburg (Russia), who plays Melodic Death / Thrash Metal has committed a new album, Planetary Cancer, which offers plenty of delicious sound.

Incredibly much power is being unleashed from the first number and throughout the album. This time Dissector has a number of guest musicians who falls naturally in. They have worked well with the recordings and the result is certainly nice. The guitar sound is very delicious, I think, broad, heavy and raw. Lots of cool riffs. The drums are set to "overload" .... there is so much power and speed and is right where they shall be In the mix. The same goes for the bass, super nice work. The song is clear and raw and if you have heard Dissector before, there is no doubt who you listening to. Keyboards are also used now and then played wisely by Max Delmar.

There are 12 numbers with the last stand out in several ways. Invisible Lives is not so heavy (in the beginning...) and there is a female guest vocalist; Rachel Grech (Blind Saviour). It is very beautiful in both performing and arrangement.

The production itself is well thought out and beautiful as a whole with fine scales between the various instruments and vocals. I would have liked to hear a duet between Yan and Rachel, but it may come another time? If you like Thrash should not miss out on this album

Dissector consists of Oleg Aleshin on bass, Andrey Glukhov on drums and Yan Fedyaev on guitare and song In addition there are guest appearances by: Max Delmar on keyboards, Rachel Grech (Blind Saviour) Rachel Grech (Blind Saviour)Marios Iliopoulos (Nightrage), Lauri Tuohimaa (Tuohimaa, ex-Charon), Jorn Nord (Nordjevel), Igor Arbuzov (Circle Story & Blazing Rust) and Randy Gerritse and Gramie Dee (The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show)

Planetary Cancer is an album that finds its way into my headphones again and again.
Planetary Cancer will be released on June 6th on Mazzar Records.
   (5 ud af 6)
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Reject The Sickness - Chains Of Solitude
Review by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 09-05-2016
Reject The Sickness comes from Belgium and plays Melodic Death Metal. They have their own way of interpreting the genre and I have spent some good hours listening to the album. There is little Melodic Black Metal into the well.

Chains Of Solitude is well produced and well played. There are a lot of great riffs and the mood is heavy. I'm not crazy about the Intro number. just over a minute ambient sound effects ... it doesn't make it for me .... not as the starting number, but number two starts well "Chains Of Solitude" and there are being kicked butt on several tracks. There is a quiet ...ish... number; Alone, with piano and needles noise (resamles a vinyl record) ... I don't really know what to think about it, but nine numbers out of eleven isn't so bad. There is a pervasive bold sound on Chains Of Solitude.

Reject the Sickness consists of Guy Vercruysse on vocals, Pepijn Desmet on lead guitar, Ruben Van der Beken on rhythm guitar, Jannick Govaert on drums and Floris Desmet on bass.
Chains Of Solitude was released on November 13th 2015 on Mighty Music.
  (4 ud af 6)
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DevilDriver - Trust No One
Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 30-04-2016
DevilDriver’s Trust No One is a great metal album that has heavy, melodic and speed metal influences and meshes them into a very enjoyable album. The harmony between all instruments with the vocals is outstanding, and the album has an amazing depth to it, which helps you distinguish every sound in it.

Trust No One has a few songs that feel slightly repetitive, and sometimes overuses build-ups to follow up with a heavy riff, but it is still certainly an enjoyable album. Tunes such as “Bad Deeds” and “My Night Sky” both have fierce intros that bring forth great riffs, while “Daybreak” has one of the best choruses, with all instruments in line with the dashing vocals. “For What Its Worth” is also a great representation of how great DevilDriver’s sound is and what they have to offer.

Trust No One may stumble at times, but it still has much to offer. From beginning to end, DevilDriver doesn’t drop the ball and delivers an energetic and potent album.
Trust No One will be released on May 13th on Napalm Records.
   (5 ud af 6)
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Statement - Heaven Will Burn
Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 21-04-2016
Statement’s Heaven Will Burn is the full package of rock ‘n’ roll that delivers hard rock with some metal and a pinch of punk. Statement and its mixing and recording studio worked up an album that may sound familiar to rock fans, but also incredibly fresh and enjoyable that will be embraced and listened to, over and over again.

Heaven Will Burn offers 11 tunes that bring different versions of Statement’s sound to the table. The opening “Playing Around” is speedy and rough, the single “Heaven Will Burn” offers an approachable and catchy sound from start to finish, and “Benefit My Time” is an acoustic farewell that wraps up the album wonderfully. Statement also constantly delivers one of the most enjoyable backing vocals in the rock scene today. It is never over-the-top and adds a layer of depth to the band’s already great sound.

Statement delivers a well-rounded album along the lines of Volbeat and Metallica’s excellence, while still keeping their own sound intact. It is fantastic that this ensemble was not afraid to borrow, but also take it a step further and create their own style and sound.
Heaven Will Burn will be released on June 17th on Mighty Music.
    (5½ ud af 6)
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Arctic Void - Entangled
Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 07-04-2016

Arctic Void’s Entangled is a wonderful metal album with an incredible blend of harmonious melody and heavy metal riffs and beats. The dynamic Anna Samuelsson and Olof Lindgren’s vocals turns what would be a great melodic metal album into a fantastic 40 minutes experience enjoyed both little by little or all in one go.

The album sounds crisp and clear through and through. All instruments and vocals can be clearly identified, but also blend nicely into one uniform sound. “Entangled” offers a variety of unique tunes, from its catchy starter “On The Padded Wall” to its modern “Labyrinth”. “A Blink Of An Eye”, “The Rising”, “Ghosts Are Calling”, all songs have different hooks while Arctic Void’s ensemble keeps up the same high quality performance.
Entangled is catnip for metalheads searching for a new varied and catchy metal album to grab, but even for others, Arctic Void’s new album is undeniably very high quality.
Entangled was released March 25th.
    (5½ ud af 6)
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Genus Ordinis Dei - The Middle
Review by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 28-03-2016
Genus Ordinis Dei (GOD) comes from Italy and play Symphonic Death Metal. There are elements of Goth-Metal and Power Metal and it sounds really really good.

GOD's CD; The Middle contains 10 tracks, the first "And then ..." and Number 5 "Thoughts" is a kind of ambient symphonic in-between pieces reminiscent a little of Dark Sanctuary from France. It would have been really cool if they had used real musicians (like Dark Sanctuary) for the symphonic parts instead of synthesizers. The keyboard is used a lot, and sometimes it is becoming too dominant, but in general it sounds great.

GOD is Nick K singing / growler and plays guitar, Tommy mastermind who plays guitar and synth, Steven F. Olda who plays bass and Richard Meiz who plays drums. There is a good working relationship and a good balance (Except for to much keyboard now and then) in production - great sound.

If you are a die hard death metal fan, you have to be prepared for it with synthesisers, otherwise I think that anyone who likes metal in the heavier end well enjoy The Middle, as there are plenty of goodies to listen to.
The Middle was released January 22nd on Mighty Music.
  (4½ ud af 6)
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Silhouette - Die The Fire
Review by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 26-03-2016
Silhouette from Denmark plays 70s inspired rock. Bands who come to mind when I hear Silhouette's CD Die The Fire are; Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Ozzy and Uriah Heep, with a shot Blues.

The style is hit 100% bulls eye and I have become more and more fond of them after I have heard the CD over and over again. There is only one place I think is funny, it is in the last number Autolatrist, where there comes a roar to be put up for a change of pace and something growl-ish. To me it seems a bit funny and destroys the mood a bit. But apart from this one thing, the 6 numbers with a fat wall of sound from the 70s and some 80s Ozzy.

The numbers are varied with great solos and change of tempo. They have used Hammond organ and lap-steel to make it perfect and the sound is authentic. The tunes are groovy and you'll either sit or stand swinging along. I believe they're going to do well on stage both at home and abroad, and I would love to experience a concert with them.

Silhouette consists of Tobie who sings and plays bass, Tommie who plays drums and sings, Stefan plays guitar, lap steel and singing and Eric who plays organ / keyboards, guitar and singing.
Die The Fire was released November 19th 2015.
   (5 ud af 6)
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Hoaxbane - Messengers Of Change
Review by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 26-03-2016
Hoaxbane is a duo from Berlin, Germany plays Extreme Metal / Black-Metal. Their sound is beautiful, rich, dense and intense. Misanthrope as the vocal foreground reminiscent at times of Hugin from Blodarv, which is a big plus (for me at least). Tantrum Mezcalar plays guitars, bass and programming the drums that sounds super. I was quite surprised that it was Mr. Laptop himself, to my question to them about who plays drums on the album.

The melody lines of guitar playing is thorough and has a knack for bringing an "air guitar" mode. I would really have liked that it was a living man who sat behind the drums .... seen in the music-ethical way, but when it is said I want to commend them for their outstanding programming .... but would still like to encourage the use of living, real musician.

There are 9 tracks on the CD. You feel that you get value for money and it's not the worst feeling.
Messengers Of Change was released November 27th on Mighty Music.
  (4½ ud af 6)
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Chris Holmes - CHP
Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 23-03-2016
Chris Holmes’ CHP album is an extremely raw sounding rock ‘n’ roll album that benefits, but sometimes unfortunately suffers, from its best quality. Its double-edged rawness brings some great songs to light, but ultimately damages the overall sound of CHP.

“Shitting Bricks”and “Let it Roar” are well-mixed, have an overall great sound to them and are examples of the great tunes CHP has to offer. They bring out the best of Chris Holmes’s voice and synchronize it with simple but great riffs. The live version of these songs included in the album, however, are of bad quality and fail to illustrate what makes them enjoyable in the first place. Apart from the studio and live version of said songs, CHP alternates between good and average songs that may or may not be to the liking of most listeners.

CHP is a good album that shows that Chris Holmes has a lot to offer through his solo career. The energy and rawness is there, but the execution leaves much to be desired.
CHP will be released March 25th on Mighty Music/Target Group.
  (3 ud af 6)
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Psycho - From The Asylum

Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 09-03-2016

Psycho’s From The Asylum is a speedy and entertaining album that excels at bringing the energy present in live concerts to a full-fledged album. As a whole, the album may be repetitive, but that doesn’t take away from the quality of each and every song.

From The Asylum intro song “Stricken” sets the mood with a slow buildup that is immediately followed up by “Run For Your Life” and its instrumental bliss. The two songs help the listener get into the intense mood present throughout Psycho’s album that does not let down. Apart from the lack of variety, From The Asylum is as good as it is intense. Slick solos, tight beats and fierce vocals blend as one for an entertaining experience. From “Destroy”, to “Psycho Killer”, and lastly “Motorized”, this album will not give you any rest, but all in the best of ways.

Psycho’s newest album may not be for those looking for calm and relaxing tunes, whom may want to step aside, but if you are all in and maybe in need of some music to give you some energy, look no further.
From The Asylum was released March 4th on CDN Records.
  (4½ ud af 6)
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Delain - Lunar Prelude (EP)
Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 22-02-2016

Delain’s newest EP Lunar Prelude is a wonderful experience from start to finish. It has more content than one would expected in an EP and the quality of each and every song is outstanding. Delain’s instruments and vocals have great synergy, the mastering and mixing is perfection, and to top it off, it is also incredibly diverse.

Lunar Prelude features two new songs, one new version and four live cuts of older songs, as well as an orchestral version of the EP’s first song. All of them contribute towards the EP’s well rounded sound, especially “Suckerpunch” and “Suckerpunch Orchestra”, which respectively start off and finish “Lunar Prelude” with different takes on a single song. Additionally, its live cuts also help spice things up with the raw energy of live performances and the attending public’s enthusiasm.

Lunar Prelude mix of new, old and an orchestral song must please older fans, as well as grab the attention of newcomers. Delain sounds amazing through and through the EP, which will hopefully give them more visibility and exposure this coming year.
Lunar Prelude is out February 19th on Napalm Records.
    (5½ ud af 6)
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Adept - Sleepless
Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 17-02-2016

Adept’s Sleepless shows the maturity of a band that has found its sound and injected into a well-produced and energetic album. However, Sleepless can be repetitive at times due to some of the songs having nearly similar structures.

To Adept’s credit, Sleepless is a great mix of their early and raw sound with the style present in their previous album (“Silence the World”). It works out well enough and creates a blend of catchy melodies followed by rough riffs and powerful vocals. “Carry the weight” is on the melodic side, while “Rewind the tape” and “Down and out” tap into the rawness Adept has to offer. “The Sickness” is a great example of Adept’s new sound, blending heavy riffs and melodic chorus.

Ultimately, Sleepless is a great and quality album that has much value to offer, but ends up falling short due to its repetitiveness.
Sleepless will be released February 19th on Napalm Records.
  (4 ud af 6)
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The New Black - A Monster’s Life
Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 16-02-2016
The New Black embraces rock ‘n’ roll and delivers an exhilarating album that does not miss a beat. A Monster’s Life has a heavy and full sound through and through that is ready to blast into your ears and keep you coming back for some more.

The album’s songs complement one another and are well-mixed and mastere.. All of them are under the four minute mark, which ends up working in the band’s favor. None drag on, and even when choruses seem repetitive, the instrumental bridges always come in banging and build up to the ultimate climax.
The New Black does deliver more than “only” hard rock bridges and energetic choruses. A Monster’s Life also has bits of instrumental and vocal experimentations that add some flavor and diversify a bit, such as “The Beer Of No Return” intro and “Buddha Belly” chorus.

The New Black’s A Monster’s Life is a timeless rock album that will stay gold for ages and should not be missed. An album this good has been a long time coming.
A Monster's Life will be released February 26nd on AFM-Records.
    (5½ ud af 6)
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Sinbreed – Master Creator
Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 09-02-2016

Master Creator is Sinbreed’s latest shot at melodic speed metal, and what an album. Its fast tempo and precise execution is spotless, while its melodic and harmonious choruses resonate throughout the album. Like a quicker and more powerful Dio, Master Creator should not disappoint metal lovers.

The rythm guitar accompanies the lead guitar perfectly, giving it time to breath in between shattering solos and riffs. Both bass and drums, in return, keep the beats steady and change tempos perfectly. Lastly, the lead vocals and backing vocals are extraordinary and in synch at all times.

The first song “Creation of Reality” is a great intro song that gives the listener a taste of what is to come, but it is once you dive into the second track “Across The Great Divides” that you understand that Sinbreed has more to offer than “just speed”. “Master Creator” is the best song to showcase Sinbreed’s sound and style of metal, speed and melody, but it doesn’t stop there. “Last Survivor” has an incredibly catchy chorus, “The Riddle” does it harder and faster while using synth effects, and “On The Run” wraps the album up so satisfyingly that you will want to go back and listen to more.

Sinbreed, as well as their mix and mastering engineer, deliver a superb speed metal infused with melodic tunes, catchy beats and riffs, and most of all, lots and lots of energy. Master Creator will get you going at miles and miles per hour throughout its 45 minutes of duration. Enjoy.
Master Creator will be released February 26nd on AFM-Records.
    (5½ ud af 6)
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Heretic's Dream - Floating State Of Mind
Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 04-02-2016
Floating State Of Mind by Heretic’s Dream is an entertaining mix of metal, hard and progressive rock, with tight beats. Even though some songs in the first half of the album fall short of the quality in the second half, every song in Heretic’s Dream’s album brings something new to the table.

While many styles are meshed in Floating State of Mind, the instruments and vocals’ mixing and mastering are consistantly great and keep up the band’s sound quality through and through. “Master Your Demons”, “Momentum” and “Secret Place” are great tunes that embody Heretic’s Dream’s originality, “Golden Cage” must have one of the best intros I have heard in a long time, and “A New Season” brings a bittersweet end to the album.

The album unfortunately doesn’t come without its flaws, even though they are few and far between. The backing vocals, while sometimes great, mostly seem thrown in to add production value instead of intentionally there from the moment the song was written. Additionally, a few songs that have heavier metal riffs regrettably have issues in keeping momentum as the songs progress changing from lighter to heavier sounds.

Floating State of Mind is full of charisma and dynamic sounds and it may not be for the light-hearted rock newbies, but those who have been around long enough should give Heretic’s Dream’s new album a shot.
Floating State Of Mind is released on February 12th on Sliptrick Records.
 (4 ud af 6)
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Hell In The Club - Shadow Of The Monster
Review By José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 29-01-2016
Hell In The Club’s newest release album Shadow Of The Monster is a blend of heavy rock with pop that is executed wonderfully. Its pop influence is a great palate cleanser from common hard rock and metal albums, however the talented band members bring out their best performances when pop is put aside and rock ‘n’ roll is in the spotlight.

Shadow Of The Monster does have a bit of everything for all listeners. ‘DANCE!’, ‘Enjoy the Ride’ and ‘Hell Sweet Hell’ use rock to bring the best out of pop, while ‘Shadow Of The Monster’ and ‘Try Me, Hate Me’ add 80s-style head-bobbing rock that doesn’t let down. Even slower tunes, such as the exceptional ‘The Life & Death of Mr. Nobody’ and album-ending ‘Money Changes Everything’ help shape up a great album that listeners can either listen to through and through or pick out their favourite tracks and stick to them.

I would recommend Hell In The Club’s Shadow Of The Monster to any rock-lover, as long as the listener dives in with an open mind and accepts its pop influence. Even those who do not have high regards for pop should feel hooked and enjoy this remarkable album.
Shadow Of The Monster was released January 22nd on Scarlet Records.
  (4½ ud af 6)
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InnerWish – InnerWish
Review by José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana: 25-01-2016

InnerWish’s new self-titled album delivers a variety of melodic metal songs that do not disappoint. Many songs are phenomenal, some are great, but none are bad. InnerWish’s ensemble shows how talented they are throughout the 67 minutes of pure metal bliss.

‘Roll The Dice’ starts the album with a blast, ‘Machines of Fear’ shows that InnerWish can play in any tempo (be it quick or slow), while ‘My World On Fire’ captivates the listener like a story completing a full circle. Lastly, ‘Tame The Seven Seas’ ends with the same intensity it started, and completes a rock solid album that only gets better the more it is listened to.

Additionally, the mixing and mastering of InnerWish really shines through. The level of the guitars, drums, vocals, bass, keyboards, and more, are spot on. All instruments and vocals blend together and please listeners, both new and old to InnerWish. Even with a few songs being a tad similar, InnerWish is an amazing experience, which every metal-lover should give a shot.
InnerWish will be released on March 18th on Ulterium Records.
  (5 ud af 6)
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Burn The Mankind - To Beyond
Reviewed by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 02-01-2016
Burn The Mankind from Brazil delivers the goods on the nicest way on their CD To Beyond. From the first time I listened to the CD, I have been excited and every time ever since has been a pleasure.
The style is Death Metal and is played with bold energy and commitment. The recording is technically great and razor sharp. It's great to hear all the instruments clearly.

Pedro Webster plays bass and is sub woofer, Marcos Moura plays guitar with Rafael Barros which also provides background woofer and last but not least Raissan Chedid on drums. Everyone is working hard and well, and one really enjoy their interpretation of the genre.

The first act "The uprise" is a small cozy sound picture of two minutes and then it goes away, not giving full speed all the time, but the energy is intense and quivering. There are good changes of pace that builds up and keeps the tension. One is left sitting with a feeling of every note, every sound is needed after the last note and it all helps to make this CD virtually perfect.
To Beyond was released december 18th on Mighty Music/Target Group.
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PhallaX - Relics Of Harmony
Reviewed by Lars Frosz Nielsen: 17-08-2015
PhallaX is a Power Metal band from Stuttgard, Germany and I have heard their latest album Relics Of Harmony which can be described as something close to a masterpiece. There is a good atmosphere from start to finish.

The style is, as I said, Power Metal and there are references to some of the bands I really like. Names like Iron Maiden, Sweet, Dream Theater, Volbeat, Chainfist and Forcentury are the ones quickly comes to mind when I hear PhallaX new album Relics Of Harmony.

There is a good ballance between instruments and vocals, and there are several tempo changes in the numbers, which makes the album interesting to listen to - again and again. Jogi Shure has a really good voice that sometimes reminds me of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Felix Schurr screams now and then and plays guitar along with Phil Schulz. Fabi Bosch plays bass and Chris Rott plays drums.

The 11 tracks that the album contains are all great. The hit must be "Trollinger", where you'll find qualities from the styles of Iron Maiden and System Of A Down .
Relics Of Harmony was released april 17th on Metalapolis Records.
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