Interview with Allan from The Kandidate

Calle: To the people who don’t know The Kandidate, can you give a short history of the band?

Allan: KB and I formed the band in 2005 and gathered some musicians to record the demo Distort & Confuse in 2006. After a few great years with a highly critical acclaimed demo, a successful and sold out DK tour with Volbeat and a gig at the Roskilde Festival, it went kinda downhill. We had a lot of line up problems up until we decided to record our debut album. But now we are here, ready to release Until We Are Outnumbered, with a new and improved line up, ready to take on the world.


Calle: What got you into music in the first place?

Allan: When I was nine years old, I watched a NEWS (Danish band) music video on the television. I was so stunned by the guitar solo that I just had to pick up the guitar.


Calle: Who are your biggest influences?

Allan: Entombed, Slayer, Disfear, stuff like that.


Calle: How would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard The Kandidate yet?


Allan: Death thrash metal. Raw, uncompromising and to the point. Real music played by real musicians.


Calle: As you mentioned there have been a few changes in the band since you started. Do you think you have the perfect line-up for the band now?


Allan: Yeah, we are still a drummer short, but we have a few interesting drummers in sight. It’s going to be really great when we are all settled. I’m absolutely convinced that we will have the perfect line up by then.


Calle: The band was called The Downward Candidate. Why did you change the band name?


Allan: Because of all the line up problems we had, we felt that everything was working against us. But when we had recorded Until We Are Outnumbered and got Jacob on board, we felt back on track. We were ready for a new chapter, a new era if you will and ready to leave all the bad stuff behind us. It just called for a name change.


Calle: You’ll release your debut album “Until We Are Outnumbered” this month. What can people expect from the album?


Allan: An absolute ear bashing! It’s a great mix of several different styles, but with a thick red line that defines our style through it all. I think we have managed to create 10 really good and catchy tracks that a lot of people will be able to enjoy.


Calle: How was the writing and recording process of the new album?


Allan: Well, KB and I have written all the material over a long period of time. We have a really good chemistry when we write, since we have played together for 15 years. It’s really easy for us to communicate and know or understand what we want, so it’s been quite relaxed and smooth.
When we recorded we had some problems with our drummers back. He had a lot of pain, so we had to split everything up and record the instrumental track in between each other, so that he didn’t strain him self. But the whole creative process was perfect. Jacob is a great producer who knows how to listen to the band and understand where they want to go. It was one of the best recording experiences in my career, and everybody is 100% satisfied with the result, which is a first for me!


Calle: The music was recorded in Jacob’s Smart ‘n Hard studio. Was that how he got the job as singer for the band?


Allan: We booked him to produce the album before our previous singer left, and our intensions were to find a new singer before we went to Århus. But we just couldn’t find the right guy. So we decided to record the album and find a singer during or afterwards. But as the recording went along, we got to talk about how good our music would fit Jacob’s vocals. He thought our material was great and we know that he would actually be the perfect fit for us. So after a while and some talking back and forth, we decided to give it a go, and as you can hear, the result is killer. So Jacob joined us and we are all very exited about it.


Calle: What song or songs on the new album do you like the most?


Allan: Of course I like them all. They wouldn’t be on the album if I didn’t and which one I like the most changes from day to day. Right now, I recommend Shut ‘Em Up, when interviewed on the radio and the host ask me what we should hear. It’s a strong song that holds a lot of the different influences you can hear through out Until We Are Outnumbered. It’s catchy, straight in the face and ass kicking.


Calle: You mentioned playing with Volbeat on their 2007 tour in Denmark. What other band/bands would you like to share a stage with?


Allan: Playing with Volbeat was great, though a lot of the Volbeat fans looked pretty strange during our set. But they are all friends of us, and we had a killer time on the road. I have a ton of bands that I’d like to play with for different reasons. I’d really like to go on a European or American tour with Trap Them, because they are an awesome band with an awesome live appearance. I’d also like to go out with Volbeat again or Raunchy because they are great friends and we would have a great time. Ultimately, I can’t die before I’ve had the chance to share the stage with Entombed, since they are the shit!


Live photos by: Peter Svendsen
Calle: What can people expect when they go see The Kandidate live?

Allan: Ass kicking, raw energy and music that sounds like the stuff coming out of the speakers at home. A show with no triggers or back track, which is pretty rare these days.


Calle: What’s the most fun/crazy experience you have had during a show or tour?

Allan: When we played with Withering Surface in Lyngby and a girl kissed my shoe during a solo. Makes no sense!


Calle: How would you describe each member of the band in only three words?


KB: Idealistic, enthusiastic, laid back.

Jacob: Energetic, honest, dedicated.

Myself: Loyal, conscientious, indecisive.

Calle: The Kandidate is a “new” band on the metal scene. How do you see the Danish rock/metal scene right now?

Allan: The same way as I’ve seen it for the last 15 years. A few leaders who has success to some extent, a lot of energetic but mediocre bands and too many talentless suckers.


Calle: Do you have any plans on a tour in Denmark or Europe in the near future?


Allan: We have some shows lined up in April. The Royal Metal Fest in Århus being one of them. We are working on some festivals but the extensive touring will not go down before the fall, though we would really like to get out on the road and do our thing.


Calle: Where do you see The Kandidate in 10 years?

Allan: I don’t think The Kandidate will exist in 10 years. If we do, we will be among the most successful extreme metal bands.


Calle: What’s the best advice you can give to other up-coming bands?

Allan: Remember why you are playing music, don’t follow a trend but believe in yourself. Be a critic of what you are doing and work hard.


And now some questions outside The Kandidate’s music:


Calle: What was the first CD/LP you ever purchased?

Allan: Oh, that was Iron Maidens Killers back in ‘88.


Calle: What is the latest CD you bought?

Allan: Slayers World Painted Blood and Katatonias Night Is The New Day


Calle: What’s your top 5 CD’s of all time?


Allan:It changes all the time, but over all it would be something like this:
1. Slaughter Of The Soul – At The Gates
2. Morning Star – Entombed

3. Severed Survival – Autopsy
4. Master Of Puppets – Metallica

5. Your Arm, My Hearse – Opeth


Calle: What was the first concert you ever attended?


Allan: Probably something cheesy like Shu-bi-dua, I don’t remember. My first metal concert was Kind Diamond in KB Hallen, Copenhagen in ’89.


Calle: What’s the best concert you have ever been to?


Allan: Hmm, tough one… Might be Dream Theater in Alexandra, Copenhagen in ’94.


Calle: What do you do when you’re not playing music?


Allan: Working, being with my son and my friends, answering interviews, haha…


Calle: Name one song you wish you had written and why?

Allan: Ace Of Spades, it’s just so fucking cool and it has everything!


Calle: Can you name one thing that you think only Danish people do?


Allan: Speak Danish.


Calle: Do you have any last words for the fans?


Allan: I think we covered it all. But thank you for reading this! And thank you, Calle for this interview. Your interest in our band means a lot to us! Cheers
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