Shaman's Harvest - Smokin' Hearst & Broken Guns (English)

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Shaman's Harvest is from Jefferson City, Missouri, USA and the band consists of Nathan Hunt (vocal), Josh Hamler (guitar), Matt Fisher (bass), Joe Harrington (drums) and Derrick Shipp (guitar). The band plays modern hard rock in the same style as Black Stone Cherry, Theory Of A Deadman, Stereoside and Pop Evil.

Smokin 'Hearts & Broken Guns is Shaman's Harvest's fifth album, but the band is a new acquaintance to me. And this is a big shame. The album is packed great songs and there is also a great variation across the album. There are the up-tempo hard rock songs such as the opening track "Dangerous", "Here It Comes", "Country As F * ck" and one of my personal favorites "Ten Million Voices", but also the quieter songs like "The End Of Me "and" Silent Voice ". In the latter piano driven song you will find also a Slash-like guitar solo before the song again go into a cozier and more quiet piano finish. In addition to these songs, there is also an excellent cover version of Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana" and an acoustic version of the band's own megahit "Dragonfly". The original version of this song can be found on the band's previous album "Shine".

I cannot write anything bad about this album. On the contrary Smokin 'Hearts & Broken Guns is an incredibly well-written, well-played and well-produced album with a good combination of musicians along with a super vocal performance from Nathan. Everything just clicks on the album. This album has certainly surprised me. I had no expectations. Like I said before; I didn’t know the band before I got this album send for review. But I have definitely become a fan now!!!

Smokin 'Hearts & Broken Guns will undoubtedly be in my top 10 albums released in 2014. If you like any of the bands mentioned above, then you will surely like Shaman's Harvest. So do yourself a favor and check the band out!!
Smokin' Hearst & Broken Guns was released on September 16th 2014 on Mascot Label Group.

      (5½ ud af 6)

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