Evergrey - The Atlantic (English)

Skrevet af Lars Frosz Nielsen
Evergrey from Sweden has made a pretty nice album, The Atlantic which sounds really good.
The genre is Power Pop metal with Prog. Metal lying and lurking beneath the surface.
The first thing you notice is the beautiful and grandiose sound / production. The next thing you notice is their skill of operating the gear. They are talented people in each area. Still, it gets boring (for me) I can't put a finger and say THIS or THAT, but it gets boring in the long run. The production itself is, as I said, SUPER NICE and the instruments are balanced good and the song is beautiful, and you can hear what he is singing, and the instrumentation does not fail either. If you are into Power Metal I would recommend that you give the album a listen or two

Evergrey: Tom Englund song and guitar, Rikard Zander keyboards, Johan Niemann bass, Henrik Danhage guitar and Jonas Ekdahl on drums.
The Atlantic was released on January 26th 2019 on AFM-Records.
(4 ud af 6)
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