Delain - Lunar Prelude (EP) (English)

Skrevet af José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana
Delain’s newest EP Lunar Prelude is a wonderful experience from start to finish. It has more content than one would expected in an EP and the quality of each and every song is outstanding. Delain’s instruments and vocals have great synergy, the mastering and mixing is perfection, and to top it off, it is also incredibly diverse.

Lunar Prelude features two new songs, one new version and four live cuts of older songs, as well as an orchestral version of the EP’s first song. All of them contribute towards the EP’s well rounded sound, especially “Suckerpunch” and “Suckerpunch Orchestra”, which respectively start off and finish “Lunar Prelude” with different takes on a single song. Additionally, its live cuts also help spice things up with the raw energy of live performances and the attending public’s enthusiasm.

Lunar Prelude mix of new, old and an orchestral song must please older fans, as well as grab the attention of newcomers. Delain sounds amazing through and through the EP, which will hopefully give them more visibility and exposure this coming year.
Lunar Prelude is out February 19th on Napalm Records.
    (5½ ud af 6)
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