End My Sorrow - Of Ghostly Echoes (English)

Skrevet af Lars Frosz Nielsen
End My Sorrow from Grenaa (Denmark) has made a very nice debut cd; Of Ghostly Echoes where they're played METAL in different genres, but who cares as long as it sounds great and gives one the desire to play air guitar, air drums and head banging, and it sure does give you that desire.

There are many rhythm shifts arranged nicely. I have become more and more in love with this album as I've listened to it over and over again. I think that the starting number "Wither Away" gives one a good taste of the rest of the album, melodic goth death .... ish.

The production itself is nice and clear with a very fine ballance between the various instruments and vocals. There are both up-tempo and down-tempo numbers and a ballad - a VERY cozy and beautifully number - and you're not bored at any time listening to the album.

Next time End My Sorrow makes a CD, I want some more numbers of Christians growl ... not because I don't want to hear Anne-Mette's song, for it is very nice, and fits well into the mixed METAL-style the band has, but because I do not think that 11 numbers are enough :)

Christian H. B. Jensen plays guitar and growls, Snade plays guitar, Jens Kruse Andersen plays bass, Jesper Skousen on drums and Anne-Mette Nielsen sings.

There is a very fine balance between all the members playing/singing. I would really like to highlight Jesper on the drums, who is working overtime, but again .... no one is below the other on this, almost masterpiece of an album. If you enjoy METAL you should purchase this album in my opinion.
Of Ghostly Echoes will be released on November 25th on Art Gates Records.
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