Sinbreed – Master Creator (English)

Skrevet af José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana
Master Creator is Sinbreed’s latest shot at melodic speed metal, and what an album. Its fast tempo and precise execution is spotless, while its melodic and harmonious choruses resonate throughout the album. Like a quicker and more powerful Dio, Master Creator should not disappoint metal lovers.

The rythm guitar accompanies the lead guitar perfectly, giving it time to breath in between shattering solos and riffs. Both bass and drums, in return, keep the beats steady and change tempos perfectly. Lastly, the lead vocals and backing vocals are extraordinary and in synch at all times.

The first song “Creation of Reality” is a great intro song that gives the listener a taste of what is to come, but it is once you dive into the second track “Across The Great Divides” that you understand that Sinbreed has more to offer than “just speed”. “Master Creator” is the best song to showcase Sinbreed’s sound and style of metal, speed and melody, but it doesn’t stop there. “Last Survivor” has an incredibly catchy chorus, “The Riddle” does it harder and faster while using synth effects, and “On The Run” wraps the album up so satisfyingly that you will want to go back and listen to more.

Sinbreed, as well as their mix and mastering engineer, deliver a superb speed metal infused with melodic tunes, catchy beats and riffs, and most of all, lots and lots of energy. Master Creator will get you going at miles and miles per hour throughout its 45 minutes of duration. Enjoy.
Master Creator will be released February 26nd on AFM-Records.
(5½ ud af 6)
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