Graveyard Shifters - Brainwashed By Moonshine (EP) (English)

Skrevet af Lars Frosz Nielsen
Graveyard Shifters from Finland are playing a proper fist full of melodious punk'n'roll with lots of bold raw energy that goes directly after the genitals on everyone and everything on their EP Brainwashed by Moonshine. There is not so much technical skill, but certainly not only .... 1-2-3- guitarrrrrrrrr .... The last number is for example starting with a quiet classical guitar ... but soon pass to the "style" again.

There are well taken tempo changes and good riffs on the 5 numbers there are too fast gone. As a "teaser" Brainwashed by Moonshine is a good business card for Graveyard Shifters. 15 min. - then have time to hear the CD before you slip into town and party on.
Graveyard Shifters: J. Matilainen on Lead vocals, J. Sumkin on Bass and backup vocals, A. Salmenoja hit the Drums, percussions and backup vocals, V. Vainionpää on Guitars and backup vocals and H. Kansonen on Guitars.
Brainwashed By Moonshine was released on October 31st 2014 on Eternal Sound Records.

      (5½ ud af 6)

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